Adjusting for Level and Tracking

Got a little more work done on this step ladder I am making. It is progressing slowly as I haven’t had much time recently.

Yesterday, once I had set the level of the top step with the ladder in the open position I was able to drill my peg holes in the side of the step.

Once that was compete I inserted a mock-up peg in the holes allowing me to mark the bottom position of the peg. From that point I taped a piece of pencil onto the peg and made a mark for the correct arc.

Using a piece of 5mm ply inserted between the peg and outer leg to get that arc marked.

Here you can see the pencil mark clearly.

However I don’t need, and neither want a complete arc. Rather I want an arc just up until the arc reaches the apex. From the point the apex breaks and the arc moves inward I want a straight line so that the ladder closes on itself when the spread legs are pulled together. I will clean up this template a little more and then glue it to a piece of hardwood to make a perfect template from which I can route out the tracking on the legs of the ladder.


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