Glue-Up on the Lids

Currently it is quite hot here and the humidity is nearing 80% so it is not comfortable in the workshop. But I need to get these done before Sunday so I have been going down to the workshop every night after work. Over the last two nights I got the lids glued and cleaned up.

Run some painters tape along the edge before gluing to make cleanup easier.

Close up of the taped area.

Two boxes with the lids glued on. After glue-up just a little clean up is needed with my shoulder plane.

Two boxes cleaned up with the poly filter in place. I am not decided yet on how to fix the filter in place. I may use epoxy or I may use screws.

After the poly filter is installed I just have to make a frame for the slides.


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Love making sawdust and turning wood into objects of practical beauty.
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