This project is basically a done deal. Yesterday I screwed the frames on the front of the poly filter, cleaned up the base coat of shellac and then applied a coat of tung oil. The tung oil is just so nice as it makes the curly maple grain pop and the bubinga a brilliant red. And then today I thought I was finished but remembered one final thing that needed to be done. So back down to the workshop and finished in about an hour.

The finished box with the slide frame screwed to the front. Screwing it was really the only way to fix it and allow me to take it off if needed (after all there is a light fixture in it).

And that final thing that I forgot to do, well my wife was the one to remind me. On the back I attached a French cleat common in wall hanging cabinetry. This is a little heavy so a regular wall hanger probably won’t be enough. As well with a French cleat the box will hang flush to a flat wall.

Just waiting to deliver the box to my brothers and sister in Canada and we’ll put the glass slides in.


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Love making sawdust and turning wood into objects of practical beauty.
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