Fitting the Drawer Innards.

Frankly I’m not quite sure what this part is called. Though I am sure it has a name. So for the sake of posterity I simply call it the drawer innards.

The other day I got the mortice and tenon joints squeaky clean. That is fitting nicely on the cheeks. The tenons also fit well. So after that was complete I needed to cut some boards and fit them inside for the drawer runners to be attached. These boards will be installed with dowel pins.

Here I have the main structure clamped up so I can measure the correct distance between the inside of the drawers. This is the length of my runners.

Need to make sure the cheeks of the tenon seat properly…

inside and out.

When I have my measurement I cut some boards to length, square them up and put some dowel holes in them. I use 8mm dowels.


Then I do the inside.

Here is a quick shot of my dowel jig. I use the Joint Genie. I like this dowel jig a lot. I have even made entire pieces using only this.

It is a little expensive but it is the best dowel jig I have found.

Ready for installing.


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