Conoid Chair

Currently I am 80% into making a kitchen cabinet for my kitchen. But that hasn’t stopped me from getting to work on my next project. The next one I have lined up is a reproduction of the iconic George Nakashima Conoid Chair. This is a bucket list project. I have like countless other woodworkers been in love with and hopefully influenced by the beauty of his simplicity and his bringing out the natural expression of the timber.

My first step in making this chair is to create a drawing that I think faithfully reproduces the proportions of this beautiful cantilevered design.

Note that the drawing doesn’t show the radius of the top back rail or the rear edge of the seat; they appear as a straight edge.

Conoid Chair

Below is a link to the full size bitmap of my drawing.

Conoid Chair


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Love making sawdust and turning wood into objects of practical beauty.
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