Side Bender

Finally back with some pics uploaded to my server. Still having the same problem with my domain so for now I am updating this from a friends place.

Currently I have the top and back plate finished and will move on to the side bending. There are two basic ways to bend the sides: 1. A bending iron, which can be an electrical device or a simple pipe with a flame heating it. 2. The second is the widely popular Fox Bending jig invented by Charles Fox in the mid 70′s. For mine I made a Fox bending jig.

A simple cradle with the body cut from the template.

Check the fit.

The sides of the jig with a routed slot for the press to slide up and down.

Check the match.

I want the routed slot to match up to the bend.

Screw the sides on.

Make a caul to fit the mold.

Fit the caul in place, screw it altogether with the press hardware.

A finished Fox bending side jig.


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Love making sawdust and turning wood into objects of practical beauty.
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  1. Thanks Alex. This is a wonderful article. Do you have plans or know where I source the plans for the side bending jig?

    Thanks for the in site.



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