Side Bending

In this next post I will bend some rosewood sides thicknessed down to 2mm.

Tape up the bookmatched sides for the jointer.

Thickness them down to 2.1ish mm.

Some final hand sanding.

The sides will be tapered so I use a template to pencil in the taper and then make another pencil mark as a reference for placement on the bender.

I am using a heat blanket for the heat source and some flashing to make a sandwich. From the bottom up I have wood, flashing, heat blanket, flashing. The flashing protects the wood from getting burned.

See the mark is lined up to to mark on the bender. I want the bookmatching to be the same.

Everything in place I applied a spritz of water on the surface of the wood and start bending.

Let the wood heat up. If you have a thermometer start bringing down the press slowly when the temperature reaches around 250-300F. Don’t force the wood to bend and as you apply pressure you can feel the wood giving in.

Here you can see the bent side in the mold. But I had some problems fitting it. I couldn’t figure it out until I read online that I should make my bending mold about 2mm smaller than my body mold to account for the wood thickness. So I took everything apart and shaved 2mm off the bending mold and did it over.

I was worried that re-bending the wood would not be successful as wood plasticizes and sets when you heat it.

I had no problem with the second bend. A nice fit.

The Fox bending jig really is the cats meow for hobbyist and professional alike. Easily adaptable and almost no fail it’s a total winner. This was my first time to bend guitar sides and even though I had some problems I was able to go back and re-bend the sides to a perfect fit.


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Love making sawdust and turning wood into objects of practical beauty.
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