Gluing the sides

Next I am gong to glue up the bent sides to create the form for the body. This is pretty straight forward but one thing is to keep the end blocks centered and square to the side.

Before gluing it up my sides are 100mm wide. The body will have a taper on it. That taper was penciled in before bending so I will know how deep to plane.

With the bent side in the mold make a pencil mark to cut side to length. The end should line up to the center mark on the mold.

Using a square block, clamp it down and cut to length.

The body will be tapered toward the neck so the neck block will be cut to 80mm and the tail block to 95mm. The ends of each block are cut at a 4 degree angle so the dome plates mate nicely.

Make a center line mark on your end block and have the two ends of your sides meet at the center line. Using a square make sure your block is square to the side. Spread glue and clamp it.

After about two hours or so you can do the other end.


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