Top Purflings and Bindings

Got the herringbone purfling and curly maple binding installed on the top plate yesterday. For this step I need to cut a two step rabbet cut on the edge. The first one will take the purfling and the second will be for the binding. The depths and thicknesses for each is different so I have to do some number crunching to figure out my bearing sizes on the router bit.

Using my XYZ router trammel I first cut a 4.57mm wide and 1.3mm deep rabbet cut on the spruce soundboard. I am using a bearing to control the width of the cut.

Then I size up the purfling.

Glue it on. It has to be center on the lower bout but can be open on the top as there will be a dovetail cut there later.

A close up.

Do the other side.

All done. It was proud about 0.3mm so I used a sharpened card scraper and shaved it down.

Then I cut the second step for the binding. It is a little deeper but it is crucial that it only cuts up to the edge of the purfling. So for this I use a second bearing size that cuts 1.57mm deep. I can’t remember the exact sizes but I have a set of bearings that allow me to cut different widths. My purflings are 3mm wide and my bidings are 1.7mm thick so I first cut 4.57mm and then cut 1.57 using a different bearing. The cuts were quite accurate.

A side view of the binding cut.

Size up the bindings.

Glue it all up.

A close up.

Again the bindings are glued on proud top and side so I used a scraper on the top and sanding on the side. A scraper on the side teared out the delicate curly. Here is the front view all done.

Close up front/side view.

Next step will be the dovetail neck joint and then the neck.


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