I have made the guitar contents free. I want to thank those that did make a purchase. The amount of money it generated was so minimal I decided to make it free and instead generate ad revenue. I think this is a better way.

To download the guitar contents just go to and right click to save the pdf file to your hard disk. You can also go to for digital download content that I put up from time to time. Or click the Free Downloads link in the sidebar on the right side of the main page.

Arigatou Gozaimasu

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Kitchen Cabinet Project Complete

This is a project that I had going off and on for a while. Quite a long while actually. Anyway it is now completed and I am happy with the results. I did the upper and lower cabinets in ash and cabinet grade plywood. The hardware is Blumotion soft close slides and antique brass pulls from Lee Valley.

Pictured below are the lower cabinets. The beginning was four sheets of cabinet grade ply.

I am using keys to keep things lined up while I setup my cuts for the router dado cuts.

The cabinet with veneer, face frame and drawers. The drawers have no veneer yet.

Below is a before picture. But really it is an in between as I did the upper cabinets also.

And finally the completed project.

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Conoid Chair

Currently I am 80% into making a kitchen cabinet for my kitchen. But that hasn’t stopped me from getting to work on my next project. The next one I have lined up is a reproduction of the iconic George Nakashima Conoid Chair. This is a bucket list project. I have like countless other woodworkers been in love with and hopefully influenced by the beauty of his simplicity and his bringing out the natural expression of the timber.

My first step in making this chair is to create a drawing that I think faithfully reproduces the proportions of this beautiful cantilevered design.

Note that the drawing doesn’t show the radius of the top back rail or the rear edge of the seat; they appear as a straight edge.

Conoid Chair

Below is a link to the full size bitmap of my drawing.

Conoid Chair

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Making Wood Hinges

And yet another tutorial. This one on making wood hinges. This is a bit of an oldie but a goodie as I use my Incra router table to make them these days. But back in the day this is how I did it with a simple router table and a jig. The method shown maybe somewhat dated considering the equipment workshops are using these days but I think it is chock full of helpful tips and worthy of a good read.

Making Wood Hinges PDF

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